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I'm an Intuition & Ego Teacher and I'm obsessed with helping people LOVE their lives and SHINE their unique and beautiful light in to the world and.... I'm on a mission to give intuition a PR makeover. I'm a wanna be mermaid with the mouth of a sailor, I'm allergic to doing anything the same way other people do, I'm a mom, wife and coffee addict and people with big dreams and big hearts are my favorite.

I was born extremely intuitive and very empathic. I grew up feeling like I was different, like I didn't really fit in.  Like a lot of empaths, I became an insecure people pleaser.  I traveled about as far down that road as someone can go until I finally started seeking answers. You see I had this nagging feeling that I was meant to do more than struggle.

After the birth of my two sons I felt torn between two things. One, being a martyr who struggled to ever do anything for herself and tried to wave off the feelings of depression, confusion and just being utterly lost. Two, being the kind of person I wanted them to be when they grew up....being a mother who inspired them, showed them how to live....led by example.

It was hard to fight my way out of being the martyr. My ego loved that archetype! Guilt and Shame where my BFFs and they had quite a grip.  The other way, being the powerful version of myself...my authentic self....well that was terrifying. I had hid her away from the world for so long. She was too much, she was too loud, she was too different.

Becoming her was a bumpy ride, it was messy work but friend....it was EVERYTHING. I wanted to be the person that the 5 year old version of me knew I could be.  I wanted to love my life, I wanted to contribute to the world and I wanted experience life to the fullest. I wanted to love optimally. 

I want the process to be easier for you. I want you to feel supported, guided and like you have not just me, but a tribe of like minded people right there with you.  I want to use my ability to see people....really see them, who you are the very core....and I want to help you let that person out.  I've lived both ways....baby be free, there's no comparison!

So I dedicate my days (and a lot of nights) to all these things. I've learned through my own journey and I've studied and researched and been out in the arena.  I'm an expert on all things intuition and ego, on human behavior, on metaphysical, self development and purpose work. 

Teaching, Coaching and Speaking are my three favorite ways to share my purpose and connecting you with my resources and the tribe of empaths I know is something I feel lucky to get to do.

Shine your light you beautiful, rebellious wildflower! I see you!

Love & Intuition,


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