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How would it feel to be both more mindful and more productive this busy time of year?

This online Bullet Journaling class will help you stay organized, on track and in alignment with the goals you have and the intentions you've created.
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Bullet Journaling is a system that includes your calendar, to do list, events, checklists, brainstorms and more!


Who It Works For

This system is great for anyone who has a lot going on!  I love that everything is in one place.  Whether you are a Type A Goddess or more in to the Chaos system...this can work for you!  I'm a Type A Organizer and my husband is ADHD Creative Chaos Manager and we both love our journals!

The system is adaptable! You can make it work for your needs with no problem! I use it to manage my personal life and my business all in one place. 

My favorite thing is that you can create your Bullet Journal in ANY NOTEBOOK. That's right, have one lying around? Perfect!  Run to the store down the street for a cheap one? Excellent!  Want a super fancy one that you need to order? Do it!  Anything can work!


A Little Taste

Here's a little taste of what you'll learn in this online course.

  • How to create Daily, Monthly & Future Logs and how they all function together to keep you organized.
  • Creating and using Collections...capture things like Christmas Gift Ideas, Books To Read, Home Maintenance Logs, Essential Oil Recipes To Try, Important Dates To Remember, Passwords, etc.... These Collections are fun and super helpful to have at your fingertips!
  • Incorporating a Daily Journal Practice and the importance of being in alignment with our goals
  • How spending as little as 10 minutes a week on your Bullet Journal can change your life....seriously...it's magical...it's like having a second brain!



Get Started Right Away

This class is ready for you! Take your time going through it all or jump in and start using your journal in less than an hour! We've made it easy to understand and simple to create.  Jump in and get started!



This class is being offered for a limited time at just $29!

Jump in and get started in time for the back to school Madness! 

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Your Instructor

Heather Wood
Embody Love  

Heather is a Speaker, Spiritual Strategist, Womenpreneur, Spiritual Rebel, Mom, Wife, Coffee Addict, and Lover of Love. She has a passion and a gift for getting people "Unstuck" by using her intuitive abilities and experience as a coach and teacher. She specializes in helping people heal their past, inspire their present and design their future. A self proclaimed "wildflower", she especially loves to help people own who they are.



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