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Do You Feel:

  • STUCK IN PLACE Like what you want feels out of reach?
  • DISCONNECTED from yourself? Your purpose? Your path?
  • OFF TRACK and in need of guidance?
  • Like your MANIFESTING ABILITIES are not working to their full potential?
  • That there is SOMETHING BIGGER FOR YOU out there?
  • Like there is SOMETHING MISSING from your life and that you're ready to bring it to fruition?
  • You could use some HELP AND SUPPORT reeling in that dream
  • Like you're IN YOUR OWN WAY
  • Like you want to be more in touch with your AUTHENTIC SELF
  • In need of some guidance with WHAT'S NEXT for you?


What I Do

I've spent my life studying Intuition and Ego and how these two forces create our realities.  Where fear (ego) is ruling you...you're stuck and unhappy.  Where intuition is ruling you (love) your inspired and fulfilled.  I use my expertise in these fields to help you break through and not just make the changes...but feel the changes in your life.

I also use my own intuitive abilities to help you work though the vows and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from shining your light as bright as possible.

You deserve to live a life full of freedom, fulfillment, excitement, happiness, purpose, abundance and love. I'd love to help you design the life you want.  

You came here for a reason, you are alive right now for a reason....and it isn't to be mediocre, it isn't to just survive life, it's to share your gifts with the world.  I'd be honored to help you live that way.

Convenient Video Sessions

All sessions are done via video chat and recorded for your convenience.  It's easy to use and can be done from anywhere!  Have a notebook and pen handy and get comfy. Pajama pants are encouraged!

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Your Coach

Heather Wood
Embody Love  

Heather is a Speaker, Spiritual Strategist, Womenpreneur, Spiritual Rebel, Mom, Wife, Coffee Addict, and Lover of Love. She has a passion and a gift for getting people "Unstuck" by using her intuitive abilities and experience as a coach and teacher. She specializes in helping people heal their past, inspire their present and design their future. A self proclaimed "wildflower", she especially loves to help people own who they are.



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