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Understanding the Forces of Intuition & Ego and How They Really Work Changes People's Lives.  


Living Free


My passion is helping people get unstuck, stop accepting mediocrity and learning to really live their lives...not just survive them.  

Our culture puts a huge focus and importance on the Ego.  It's all about fear, acceptance, fitting in and playing it safe. 

We also as a culture have given Intuition a bad name. It's got a bad and untrue reputation.  You've been taught to distrust intuition, seeing it as fortune telling, evil, fraudulent and untrustworthy.  None of this is what Intuition really is....far from it!

If you think of your life as a cup, Ego's job is to protect the cup. Intuition's job is to fill the cup.  A lot of us are living lives where we are spending most of our time and energy protecting an empty cup.

There's a balance here. These two forces can work for you instead of against you.  You can actually LOVE your life, feel fulfilled, like you have purpose and experience abundance.  You just have to understand how it works, let go of the ego conditioning and begin to embrace you...the real you.

This is what I speak about, in all settings,for all different kinds of people with all different kinds of focus.  My job is to help you learn to harness these two forces to live free. 


My Style

I am so passionate about what I speak about that I can easily incorporate Intuition and Ego in to whatever setting or theme that's needed.  Here are a few things about me that are pretty consistent:

  • I like to wear leather pants..I'm not your typical business power suit girl. I like to shake it up a little
  • I enjoy audience participation and moving around.  If music can be involved...even better. I like people to be engaged and enjoying themselves.
  • I share my struggle. I'm not an expert just because I study this...I'm an expert because I've struggled, got it wrong and learned a lot. I live it. There's no preachiness coming from this girl, vulnerability and realness only.
  • I love being put on the spot...I know that's strange but it's my adrenaline sport. Ask me a question, let me show you your fear story, throw me in for an extra speaking time, I love it. Put me in coach!
  • I'm down to bring slides if you want them but a fair warning. I never give the same exact speech twice and I'm far more interested in you being engaged and experiencing all the things...not just taking notes.


What People Are Saying

"She really set me on my path to reconnect me with who I really am and want to be. Thanks for setting me free to be me:" 

“Heather Wood is a combination of fierce, compassionate, gentle, yet tough. She can cut through the BS in a loving way and make an individual not only connect with their purpose and truth  but can motivate people in numerous ways and help guide them into action. Her ability to connect with the Angels and a persons core self was mind blowing at the AWAKEN retreat where I asked her to present. She is able to present and pull in so many different aspects that it usually leaves everyone who comes into contact with her mind blown. I am lucky to call her both a friend and colleague and have asked her to not only speak at retreats but to also to meet with some of my most complex clients. I would recommend Heather to present at and speak at all most any venue. Her ability to capture, motivate and inspire are unparalleled to most in the spiritual field.“   
Heather Brito, MS, LMHC, SP

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